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Leah Reads: Such a Fun Age, by Kiley Reid

Leah Reads: Such a Fun Age, by Kiley Reid

Such a Fun Age centers its story on a late evening in Philadelphia, when a young Black woman’s boss calls her in a last-minute emergency to babysit her young daughter. Emira, the babysitter, is asked to take the toddler to the neighborhood’s upscale grocery market, where 

Just Five Questions with Orly Konig

I’m going to be honest with you: Orly Konig is one of my favorite people in my writing world. I met her through our organization, the Women’s Fiction Writers Association, which she helped found as its first president, and I would’ve asked her to be 

Just Five Questions with Kimmery Martin

Raised in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, Kimmery Martin is a literary reviewer, author interviewer, traveler, and obsessive information junkie. She and her husband now reside in Charlotte, North Carolina with a herd of energetic children and the world’s most obstinate dog. Kimmery exercises grudgingly, cooks inventively, reads voraciously, and is currently on hiatus from her day job as an ER doctor to work on her second novel. You can find her online here.

A bit about her debut novel, The Queen of Hearts:

Pediatric cardiologist Zadie Anson and trauma surgeon Emma Colley have been best friends since college. Their domestic and professional lives are chaotic but fulfilling—until the return of a former colleague unearths a secret one of them has been harboring for years.
Nick Xenokostas was once Zadie’s chief resident and a powerful figure in her life. Now his unexpected appearance will reopen old wounds, forcing both women to confront the circumstances that nearly derailed their lives at the beginning of their careers. And Zadie will begin to question everything she thought she knew about her closest friend…

Now, on to the Five Questions:

When faced with setbacks or rejection with your writing, what was something that made you push through? I had a lot of query letter rejections because I was not a very good query writer. (You can read more about my struggles here ) Eventually, it got so bad that I’d cringe at the sound of an incoming email. I’ll be honest—I did think of quitting, many times. And I still think self-publishing is an excellent option in many ways. But I’m a persistent fool when it comes to carrying out obligations, even ones I’ve made for myself. I’d told myself I wasn’t going to quit until I’d run through the list of agents I really wanted. And I didn’t.

What methods do you use to balance the quiet life a writer needs to work with the necessary business of being a person with friends, family, and social responsibilities? I have chosen to fail in some of life’s lesser responsibilities: I don’t shave my legs in the winter, my house is a wreck, and I’m late to everything. Plus I haven’t slept in about twenty years.

I can definitely relate to a lot of that, Kimmery! What is your morning routine? Depends on if it’s summer or not. Summertime is freewheeling carnage, because all the children are home and it’s beautiful and there’s all this travel. But during the rest of the year, I get up at 6:00, inhale some coffee, wrangle my little people out of bed and into their clothes, make some breakfasts, referee some hostile morning arguments over who gets the bathroom first, and ship them off to school. Then I make some more coffee, exercise for a half an hour, and sit down to tackle whatever is on my to-do list that day. Sometimes I have to go to my day job or meetings, and those days are useless, writing-wise, because I can only write in the mornings. By afternoon, my brain is fried.

What’s your favorite form of exercise? (And on the flip side, what’s your favorite way to be lazy?) Laziness first: I love to read! Curling up with a book is absolute favorite thing in life. I am not a natural athlete but I’m a kickass walker: if I can get outside, I walk a few miles super-fast while listening to music. If I’m indoors, I have a little Pilates routine I do that keeps me limber and reasonably strong. I have discovered that writing is catastrophically bad for your butt. In my other job—ER doctor—I ran around a lot.

Do you have any go-to methods for eating well? (And on the flip side: what are your food vices?) Vices first. (Are you sensing a pattern?) I love sugar, salt, and fat. So that’s bad. In fact, I’d say I just love food of all sorts. But I make sure I eat a lot of whole grains, healthy proteins, and vegetables to balance it out.

Thank you to Kimmery Martin for stopping by leahferguson.net — and congratulations on the publication of her debut, The Queen of Hearts. The Queen of Hearts can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Indiebound (and as always, if you can take a moment to leave a review on a book you’ve read and enjoyed, it is very much appreciated!).

Just Five Questions with Barbara Claypole White

Bestselling author Barbara Claypole White creates hopeful family drama with a healthy dose of mental illness. Originally from England, she writes and gardens in the forests of North Carolina, where she lives with her beloved OCD family. Her novels include The Unfinished Garden, The In-Between Hour, 

Get Set, Go

I’ve gone and signed up for National Novel Writing Month again. My goal: to write 1,700 new words of Book #2 a day for the next 31 days. If I keep up this pace, the end of November will find me a happy, over-tired writer of a completed, overwritten 

We Interrupt This Broadcast For a Little Self-Promotion

Soooooo. I have a book coming out. Most of you who’ve been with One Vignette from the beginning know this already–you’ve actually followed my journey from the time I got brave enough to tell you about it to now. Thank you, thank you for that. And I happen to have a couple of advanced reading copies of said book (it’s called All the Difference in case you’re just tuning in, and will be officially published into the Great North America by Berkley Books on September 1st. See also: AAAAAAAHHHH!). These advanced copies, or ARCs, are just hanging out right now in my office/artwork-dumping-ground, wishing for a home. I’m giving most away on Goodreads this month (go check it out if you’d like!), but I saved one for you. Do you want it? It’s not the pretty version, but it’s the earliest version, which is kind of fun.

6.25.15. ARC Giveaway. first page

All you have to do to enter to win the signed ARC is this: “like” my Facebook author page, then sign up for my book club on my author site. Just like that, you’ll be entered to win. If you’ve already done both of those things, please send an indignant email to me at onevignette(at)gmail(dot)com, and I’ll put your name into the hat, too. Please know, too, oh friends within driving distance of my corner of Pennsylvania: I’m more than happy to visit your book club and talk about All the Difference after you’ve read it. I’d be thrilled, really. And probably super nervous at first, but you know to expect that and will be patient with me until I figure out how not to be awkward.

6.25.15. ARC giveaway. goofy

I have to be honest: I just wrote that paragraph right there and was trying to be all blasé about this whole book thing (well, except for the AAAAAAAHHH part and the goofy picture part. I’m not fooling anybody), but I’m not. I’m so not. I’m excited and nervous and scared and thrilled and above all, grateful. Grateful to have this happen, and grateful to every single one of the wonderful people who read this blog and cheered me on. There are some good hearts out there reading this right now. I wasn’t going to tell you that, but I think I just did.

6.25.15. ARC Giveaway. kitchen floor

Anyway. I babble. Which is also the reason why it took me so long to finish that there book because OH MY GOODNESS THE EDITING. So much, all the time. I am so wordy. Don’t worry, the book comes in under a neat 300 pages, so you’ll finish it no time. Which I hope you will. Mainly because I want to hear what you think, and partly because I really hope that one day there will be a second book for you to want to read, too.

6.25.15. ARC Giveaway. Coffee and pad

Okay! Back to the ARC. I’ll close out the contest in two weeks, on July 9th at midnight. Remember: like my Facebook page. Sign up for my book club newsletter. Hopefully, win a signed ARC, and commence reading. Whee!! I can’t wait to send it to you.

When it Rains

This was going to be a much different post, when I set out to write it a couple of weeks ago. It was going to be about fear, and gratitude. It was going to be about moving houses, and about leaving the neighbors who’d become