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She Might Have a Point

Some days go along better than others: those are the days where you feel like you actually are conquering this life thing. And then other days, your nine-year-old serves you a reality check, like this one: Saoirse was in my office, hanging out, when I saw her 

Because A Little Navel-Gazing Never Hurt Anybody

I painted the girls’ nails the other day.  No, not with some chemical-free, child-safe stuff I specially bought just for my daughters’ impromptu mani-pedi days.  You think we play nail salon that often around here?  Nah, this was some old OPI–I think “You’re a Pisa 

Point Made

A Facebook friend shared today a blog post she’d seen.  It’s called “To the Mother with Only One Child,” by Simcha Fisher, and it’s just…it’s so…it’s really…well, I dare you to read it only once, and I double dog dare you to read it, then 

If You Want to Kiss the Sky

So. Laundry, piled up in various stages around the house, so much so that I joked to my friend that SK was going to have to wear pajamas to school tomorrow because it was the only clean outfit she had. A daughter who won’t share