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Food, Inspiration, and Tears in a Bathtub: Just Your Average Friday Post

I texted myself something the other night, this line: “I will do my best.” I do not normally text myself words of inspiration, mind you, but it was bouncing around in my head, so there it is. I will do my best. Sometimes it’s good to focus on something simple, something pure. A couple of other thoughts: Along those lines, Dave and I went to Ireland with my family ages and eons ago (like, 2004. A whole other DECADE). I remember stumbling down to breakfast one morning (no, I wasn’t hungover. Stumbling is just kind of my thing until that first cup of coffee is coursing its happy path through my veins). I wished the innkeeper a good morning, and she said, quite matter-of factly, “Every morning is a good morning when you can get up and work.” And then she handed me some scrambled eggs. Touché. Quinn and Saoirse volunteered to wash the dishes (!) the other night. I pulled over a stool, helped them put on some rubber dish gloves (they insisted), and tried to ignore the water and grease that went splashing everywhere as they set about scrubbing and…