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Happy Birthday, David

Almost ten years ago, I fell down the stairs at our wedding.  Well, not the wedding itself, but afterward.  We held our reception in Baltimore at Westminster Hall, a vacant Presbyterian Church some wise people thought would look good spiffied up and turned into an event space. It’s also the burial grounds for Edgar Allan Poe, but that’s not very romantic sounding, so I’ll leave that part out.  There’s a short, wide staircase inside that separates the two levels of party space, and our photographer was rushing us away from our dinner (waaahhhh!) and outside because the light was perfect for taking photos of us cavorting among centuries-old gravesites. Like I said. Romantic. I swear to you I’d only had one glass of champagne leading up to this, but regardless, as we were hurrying away from the only meal we’d eat all night, my right foot gave out from underneath me on the polished stairs, twisting my leg in such a way that I landed on the edge of one shin-first.  Everybody saw it.  And because it all happened under the full skirt of my wedding…