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A Conversation, Bedtime

I walked past SK’s room last night to find her wide awake, grinning at me from her bed through the slightly open door.  We’d tucked her in almost an hour before, so I was surprised, to say the least, to see that mischievous little smile grinning at me from the jumble of bed sheets and Blanket and still-damp hair around her face.  So I walked in, because to tell you the truth, there’s something about our occasional after-bedtime conversations, when she’s procrastinating and fighting sleep as hard as she can, that are so sweet. “Hey,” I said, crouching down beside her bed.  “You’re supposed to be sleeping.” “Mom,” she said.  I braced myself for a serious question.  Her tone was all business. “Yes?” “I want to wear my pink shorts and flowered shirt tomorrow.” She’d seen them in the basket piled high with her cleaned clothes in the family room. “Okay, I’ll set them aside.” “No.  Don’t move them.  You will wrinkle them,” she said.  “I will…