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Be Still, My Weeping Heart

Let’s have a word about inclusion, shall we? I don’t mean in school, though I’d be happy to chat about that ’till the academic cows come home.  I mean inclusion with kids, playing. And how if one kid isn’t included–and that kid is your precious ball of 3-year-old sweetness, your momma’s heart will break into about a billion pieces and you will want to wrap your child up in arms of steel wire so that she can never, ever get hurt again. That kind of inclusion. We joined my (large, sprawling) extended family at my uncle’s house yesterday afternoon for Father’s Day (even though Father’s Day is no longer a relaxing excuse to play pool and drink beer when there’s more than one child to look after.  Sorry, David, but the kid needed lunch and Quinn’s in the stage where she clings to me like a spider monkey…). Saoirse was thrilled to bits to see her cousins again, but alas, the usual good time was not meant to be. Have you ever entered a…