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On the Brink

We’re hunkering down into pre-baby mode, here, so this will probably be my last post before you are inundated with close-up shots of teeny-tiny fingers and toes (aaahhhh!) and my inevitable complaints about leaky boobs (aaahhh!). We are nervous (eek, the sleepless nights!), and excited, and anxious (David’s been honing his swaddling skills), and excited, and curious (boy or girl? Which sister will s/he resemble the most?), and, you guessed it, so, so SO excited. The baby is coming. THE BABY IS COMING. My pregnancy with Saoirse took forever, as I suppose first pregnancies do, and she was only two days late. The Friday before I went into labor, I had off work, so spent a leisurely afternoon at a bookstore paging through fashion magazines and drinking decaf lattes (can you tell that it was our first child? Where did I have all this time??). I tacked the last of the wall decorations onto the nursery walls (because of course that wasn’t completed yet), and went out with David for Mexican food. I remember getting stuck in the restaurant booth between the seat and the table and nearly fainting from…