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Well, You’d Get Sappy, Too

I was feeding Cian tonight in his bedroom, listening to the girls in the living room below (living in an open floor-plan split-level: so easy to eavesdrop!). They were curled up on the loveseat together, paging through a photo album like two old ladies looking through black-and-white photographs of their youth. The album contained pictures from about two years ago (which was probably the last time I actually had real photos printed out, but you’re the same way, right?), and Saoirse was just talking Quinn through them, telling her stories, explaining who each person was. And as I listened, I heard them talking back and forth in quiet, calm voices, reminiscing and asking questions, and it was exactly–exactly–how I imagine them talking in 30, 40–or yes, when they’re old ladies and I’m long (*sniff*) gone–years. I can’t really explain how I felt right then. Happy, yes, because there’s nothing like hearing your children have one of those moments when they’re in their own private bubble, content. Proud, because David and I are raising two kind, smart…