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If I’m Being Honest

As I write this, Cian is in his crib, crying so hard it sounds like torture (for me). I already went in to comfort him once, and he’s trying to settle into his nap. His settling is loud. Quinn keeps popping out of her room, telling me she’s finished sleeping (she hasn’t started). Saoirse is in the playroom, playing with her cars, in a way that sounds like she’s actually exploding them more than racing them. David is pacing back and forth on the back deck in his flip-flops, his laptop in his hand, on a conference call. Through the closed doors, I can still hear the business-world catchphrases–“on board,” “launch date,”–bouncing off the walls. It’s 2:08 p.m. I’m ready to walk out the door. I won’t, don’t worry–as I said, D’s out there. I certainly can’t up and leave the family when he’s on a call. Duh. But I’m going stir-crazy. When Saoirse was a baby, and I was sitting…