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Just for That I am So Not Washing My Hair

How do you look like you have it all together? I know you all say you don’t, but you do, you do, you look like you do. You, the working mom who pulls into her driveway after work and watches the kids play in the front yard before you go in to start dinner? You, the stay-at-home mom who tells me she doesn’t clean, can’t stay on top of it all, but is popping out babies and hosting playdates and running 10Ks, all in the same week, when I can barely make it to the dentist on time? You, the freelancing writer who magically balances the clean dishes on a single finger of her left hand while cashing her paychecks with the right? How the heck do you do it? Because it certainly looks like everybody else has it together, and I’m staring at the dog hair and constant slobber on the floor and wondering if anybody would notice if I just shaved our old Luca in his sleep. I can’t do it. I can’t even pretend to stay on top of it. Any of it…