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Because A Little Navel-Gazing Never Hurt Anybody

I painted the girls’ nails the other day.  No, not with some chemical-free, child-safe stuff I specially bought just for my daughters’ impromptu mani-pedi days.  You think we play nail salon that often around here?  Nah, this was some old OPI–I think “You’re a Pisa Work”–I had in the back of the bathroom cabinet.  Saoirse had asked that I do her nails, and the next thing we new, Quinn was padding over to where we sat, sprawled out on the kitchen floor tiles, her fingers splayed for attention, too.  I managed to get one stripe on each of her big toes before she figured she had better things to do and walked off.  For the rest of the day, though, Quinn ran around, hands outstretched, displaying her artwork to anyone who passed.  Saoirse, the older daughter, is much more blase about the whole spectacle, and just ended up asking me to take it off by the end of the day.  She asks me why I don’t have any polish on my fingernails.   I tell her that I haven’t gotten around to choosing a…