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This is Why I Still Have My Gym Membership

I realized something yesterday:  when you’re the full-time care-giver of small children, you sit a lot. You sit. A lot. I try to do fun activities with the girls when we can.  Fun for them, I mean:  simple places like the park, farm markets, local museums, library programs.   And SK’s been begging to go to the “Kid’s Place,” a section in our local arts and education center that’s geared for the 5-and-under crowd.  It’s a great place to go in bad weather–a short drive into the city, it’s inside, takes up a solid morning otherwise spent in a house I’d have to clean if I were inside it–but on this absolutely gorgeous fall day, and because SK had asked sooo nicely (“Please may I go?”  I’m a sucker for good manners), off we went. And the girls played.  They have a blast, even.  I sat. They put on a show in the little theater there, Quinn dancing on her knees and SK boogying around the stage, while I… sat. They played…