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Promises, Promises

I’ve been thinking a lot about promises, and not just because I’d promised Saoirse weeks ago that we’d take her to go see Cars 2 this weekend–her first movie in an actual theater, with actual candy (she says this in a hushed whisper, as in, “I get to have [whisper] candy?!“)–only to open the paper this morning to see that it’s not actually playing anywhere around us yet. I try so, so hard not to ever promise her anything unless I can guarantee it happening, but alas, my own excitement in taking her to the big screen made me a liar. Building good character in our girls is something that concerns me more than it probably does the normal, non-caffeinated person, maybe because I’m so worried about my own. I want our daughters to grow up strong, and honest. I want them to be “followers-through:” meaning, if they say they’re going to do something, they’ll do it, and in a timely fashion–unlike their mom, who’ll receive a check for her birthday, say…