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Because It’s Friday Again

Have I mentioned that I love fall? This kind of fall, I mean, where you sleep with the windows open and wake up to a crisp morning, but by lunchtime, you’re walking around in jeans and a light jacket and totally happy it’s not the other kind of fall, the kind where you have to put the heat on and make sure the kids have hats and you curse the frost on your windshield (for those of us knuckleheads who bought houses without garages, I mean–not you intelligent types) as you scrape it off in a rush so your daughters aren’t late for school. Not that kind. Here’re a couple of of fun thoughts to while away your Friday afternoon: I grew up in a small town, as you know. You also probably know that I vowed I would never, ever return to that small town (ewwww, small towns, I thought, with their tiny cultural scenes and cute restaurants and niche theaters). So I moved to the city. And witnessed an armed mugging, but whateves. Small towns, ewwww. But now that we live in the ‘burbs, we’re…