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Though You’ll Never Hear Me Say A Word Against That Garage

I keep coming back to this blog, to sit down to write a post, because I miss the writing and the outlet and the record of this little life I’m living, but whenever I do…nothing. Nothing comes out. Nothing new, anyway. And I think what my problem is…it’s not cute anymore. My life, the once-adorable puppy that chased its own tail and attacked our ankles, has grown into a big, hairy dog that sleeps in the most inconvenient spots in the house and goes outside to pee on command. It’s more manageable, yes. But definitely not as cute. I’m no longer the overwhelmed mom of little babies and toddlers, terrified of the job I’m doing and stressed by the lack of sleep and constant nursing and fear that everything I’m doing is wrong. I mean, I’m still convinced that whatever parenting move I make is probably the wrong one–does that ever go away?–but when your kids are out of the baby stage, I feel like it’s gotten old. I’ve settled into my patterns…