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Well, They All Can’t be Chipper

I’m having a bit of a weird moment. I keep noticing the underside of our kitchen cabinet, right above the refrigerator.  When we got the fridge–a cute little tiny, retro-looking thing, if stainless steel can be retro–we had it delivered only to discover that it was too tall for the opening by about 1/4-inch.  My dad, for some reason I can’t remember, was here at the time, and all I remember is him finding some sort of narrow saw thing, and voilà–our shiny new fridge suddenly completed our kitchen.  Every time I wipe down the counter lately, or pour some coffee (both of which happen entirely too often in this household), or check the calendar, it’s there.  I notice the ridges the sandpaper left behind, the small flakes of chipped paint, the rough color of the original wood because we never got around to repainting those cabinets.  I keep seeing it, like when you buy a new car and for months all you  notice when you drive are other versions of your car zipping along.  It’s like my brain has developed a spotlight…