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She Should See What We Do with Used Tissues

Saturday morning after SK’s soccer class, the four of us trooped into the grocery store, supposedly to pick up a loaf of bread, but really because momma wanted a pumpkin doughnut. I took Saoirse to the bathroom when we got there (“Mom?  I don’t HAFTA go pee!”), way in the back of their market cafe eating area.  The women’s bathroom (the one, I so dislike pointing out to SK, we identify because the lady symbol is wearing a skirt) had a grand ol’ mommy-and-me stall inside (because this is Wegman’s, after all), complete with sink. So Saoirse went to the bathroom (even though “I don’t WANNA go on the toy-let!” she said), and we happily washed her hands afterward, chit-chattering the whole time, as conversations with three-year-olds are wont to go.  We discussed the potty, and the sanitary napkin waste can (because that’s always a fun explanation), and the soap dispenser (“Smell my hands, Mom.  They’re clean now!”) and, of course the paper towel dispenser. Freshly washed and ready to stuff some fried…