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Posing as Posole

Sunday afternoon I jetted off to the coffee shop of our local MegaBookStore to spend a couple quiet hours, leaving David in a quiet, albeit slightly messy house and the perpetual pile of laundry that is constantly being folded, put away, washed, and folded again.  You know what I’m talking about. He’s always encouraging me to do this–take a couple of hours here, a few there, maybe use that gift certificate for a massage he gave me for my first Mother’s Day (yes, that was almost four years ago. Don’t you go lecturing me, too).  He is a kind enough guy that he may truly be encouraging me to take some time for myself, but I secretly think he just really loves the luxury of the kids and the house to himself.  It’s funny how after you have children, if you’re married, you’re rarely in the house without someone else in it.  I lived by myself for most of my non-married twenties because I liked the autonomy (that and my first post-college roommate had the creepiest boyfriend who always seemed to lurk…