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Because It’s Friday

It’s Friday. It’s a dreary, rainy day here in Pennsylvania, but we’re finally all inside the house for the rest of the day, and the raincoats are drying off as we speak. David’s up in our room working (because, you know. The house, it is so tiny). Cian’s napping, the girls are playing, and even though I’m sorting through paperwork and bills, I’ve the most adorable cappuccino-filled cup beside my computer, so all is right in my world. I want to write something profound, but I don’t really feel like it, mainly because the caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet and it’s just so rainy out and cozy in. So I’ll give you these instead: I met a very nice new acquaintance the other day. She innocently asked me what my husband does for a living. The question makes me uncomfortable (I feel like it’s asking me what size shoe I wear, or if I put on deodorant this morning–I’ll answer, of course, but do we need to know that much about…