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Perspective: Writer Version

I posted a cute (well, I think it’s cute, anyway. Blog posts are kind of like kids that way) story over on my other website about the day last week that advanced reading copies of my All the Difference came in. Please go check it out, then come back here, because I have something funny to tell you that won’t make sense until after you read that other one… …did you finish it yet? …what about now? Okay, good. You’re back. So now you know the embarrassing Story of the ARC (not at all like Noah’s, but for a brief moment in my little corner of the continent, almost as earth-shaking). You know all about the tears, and about the family huddle, and the fact that–for all of us, kiddos included–it became absolutely real that this book is actually, really, happening. At least, I thought it finally made sense to most of us. The Big Huge Accomplishment was UNDENIABLE. I was humbled. I was giddy. I was overwhelmed. We were all so happy at this Wonderful Thing That Happened. And–for a brief…