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And Then She Turned Seven and I Maybe Cried

Last week, somewhere between a family party on Saturday (with my brother and his wife in town from Milwaukee), and a weeknight meal and another get-together that went late, a sudden cold that required two days of school absence and a good dose of Free Willy and Dolphin Tale 2, a Friday evening pizza party in our house with seventeen first-grade girls (yes. You read that correctly), our oldest daughter turned seven. There was a cake in there, too, and two nights of cupcakes, and dinner at a sushi restaurant because Saoirse really, really likes “the orange kind” and doesn’t get it often, because, you know, it’s sushi, and then, like that, she turned seven. Seven. All she really wanted–besides the salmon–was a helium-filled balloon shaped like a dolphin. All I wanted was to keep her six for just a little while longer. At least one of us got what she wished for. Saoirse has lost one of her top front teeth, and the other is loose. Her hair is long now, grown out from the Great Haircut Fiasco of 2013. She grew four inches in the…