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Not for the Weary

I’m not exactly the best person to be around when I’m sleep-deprived.  Let’s just get that out there right now.  I become bitter, cranky, shaky–and that’s after I’ve replaced all forms of hydration with black coffee (I realize that it may also be because of all the coffee I act like a kid who just got his hand slammed in a door–lots of shaking, horrified expressions, fear of loud noises–but it beats falling asleep on my feet while I’m scrambling eggs in the morning…). David knows to steer clear of me on these days.  It’s a survival mechanism he’s honed over the last eight years of marriage.  He brews an extra-big pot of coffee, clears out early, and doesn’t call until close to dinnertime, usually to gauge whether or not he’s picking up take-out on the way home.  Those dear daughters of ours, though?  Well, they’re stuck with me.  All day.  I feel bad for the kids. A couple of days ago, SK was acting up–stealing…