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They Change the World, I Wax Nostalgic and Shiver

When I see teachers now, or talk to them, I get a weird little ache somewhere behind my ribs. It’s a lot like nostalgia and a little like jealousy, and I know it’s still there because whenever I interact with a teacher, it’s almost like I want to jump up and down and wave my arms and shout, “I did it, too! Honest! I was there, in the trenches, just like you! I impacted kids’ lives! I was INVOLVED! I was important in the world, too!!” This makes being a parent during teacher conferences really fun for all parties involved, let me tell you (“Ms. Ferguson, would you please stop talking? Just a little?”). Today was the rescheduled fall field trip for Quinlan’s four-year-old preschool class. She and her friends WERE SO EXCITED. They couldn’t go to their first one because of bad weather, and even though today was supposed to be chilly and windy and possibly rainy, by golly, they were bundled up in their layers and sent along on their school bus because this was a FIELD TRIP, and field trips…