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Saoirse has been talking for the last six months about going back to the Auto Show. The Auto Show, you ask? What is this fancy event that sounds so vague yet warrants proper noun capitalization? Well, friends, the Auto Show (yes, I’m sticking with the capital letters because now I’ve set a precedent…) is an annual, well, show that displays, um, autos. Cars, for those of you who aren’t familiar with my experienced fancy-schmancy technical jargon. Big cars, little cars, Ford, Toyota, Audi, Porsche: they’re all there. They don’t let you get in the Porsches, though. Don’t ask how I know. We expected SK to be excited walking in, of course.  Her fascination with anything on wheels has not faded in the last three years. What caught us by surprise was Quinn’s absolute wonder.  She was amazed by all of those cars, and those two little girls tore through that expo center like acrobats through a circus (yes, acrobats. They tripped a lot, on all the wires underneath the carpet.  And climbed, and rolled and ran…). Honest to goodness, the Auto Show was…