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This is What Overcaffeinated Looks Like

I’ve had it.  Had it, had it, had it.  I just looked over my blog post from Wednesday, and all I can think is blah blah blah blah prbphhhhh.  Oh, staying at home is so awesome, I said.  Even when it’s rough, it’s still so cool, yeah, I said.  Ha, ha, David, you have to go to work while I get to stay home with whining children all day, I said. I am full of shit. Sorry, Mom.  Don’t read that last curse word.  You, too, former student of mine I used to reprimand for swearing (but that was in class, so yes, you shouldn’t have said that word, and no, you shouldn’t have carved it into the desk).   But seriously, I’m done.  I quit.  You know what I want?  I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want (remember this? It’s so terrible it’s delightful:). I want to wear heels, on a regular basis.  That sounds so absolutely superficial and ridiculous, but you carry yourself differently when you’re in heels.  There’s a bit…