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Heck No, There Aren’t Any Pictures With This One

I caught Cian’s barf in my bare hands Friday. I think I’ve turned a corner, motherhood-wise. He was sitting beside me on the couch as I worked on my (other) website. Laptop in my lap, sleepy baby on my shoulder. My brother called, and as we talked, Cian fell asleep against me (his first nap in months, but that’s another story), hot and sweaty with a broken fever after a very long night of (computer-less) cuddle time.  My brother and I hung up. And then Cian woke up. And then Cian leaned back against a “pih-row”, started crying, sat back up, and threw up his lunch. Which I caught (go, mama!) in my hands WHILE managing to keep my laptop from crashing to the floor. It’s the small things. I had a friend, a very close friend–one I would’ve told you three years ago was one of my best–move away a couple of years ago and drop contact, for reasons I still haven’t been able to pin down. We’re still Facebook friends, but that’s the…