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Because It Flies, Time Does

In my ongoing effort to reclaim my house from the clutter that has been awake at night, sneaking onto tabletops and into closets, giggling as it stuffs itself into my diaper bag and laundry room, I have finally–finally!–begun the attack on the very last pile of Crap With Which I Don’t Know What to Do. This stack of messiness includes everything from recipes I want to load onto my computer, thank you notes that were written but never sent, a list of songs I want to download (because, honey, I have gift cards to burn), and, yes, a check or two from Quinn’s birthday that I have yet to put into the bank (sorry, Aunt Mary. I’m on it tomorrow, I swear).  It is the final frontier, people, my last hurdle to jump. And I will, I tell you, I will get to the other side.  Even if that means finally scanning the ultrasounds I got to keep from the baby’s first photo op.  And by baby, I mean, Saoirse, you know.  I told you, this pile of papers can tell some stories. So this afternoon, while Saoirse…