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Because I Have Nothing Better to Do, Clearly

Are you following my Facebook page? Yes? Then I’m sorry, friend, because I’m about to share this with you again. We have thirty people coming to our house for Cian’s baptism on Sunday. Yay, I think, all these wonderful people coming to celebrate our son on such a special day! Isn’t that wonderful?! And then I take a hard look around and wonder exactly when was the last time I vacuumed the dust off the ceiling fans. I was breastfeeding Cian in the back of the minivan yesterday morning (as you do) in between errands (to be exact, dropping Saoirse off at school, returning borrowed clothes to a friend’s house, Cian’s 4-month well check, a stop by the wine store, the bakery, then back to Saoirse’s school.  You know, the usual), and checked the news on my phone. I saw something about Kate Middleton readying the nursery in some palace or manor or what-have-you for her impending royal offspring, and didn’t think anything of it, mainly because Quinn was sprinkling pretzel Goldfish all over the floor of the car. But later…