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Hey, It’s Less to Mow

David and I have been tossing around the idea of getting another house.  Neither of us is particularly biting at the house-hunting bit, but we’ve been “pretend” looking: talking about what we’d want, looking online, casing neighborhoods (that sounds terrible.  We’re not going to rob anybody, I promise).  But we haven’t even called a realtor in to look over our place yet (I have to tidy up the laundry room first).  I’ll let you know when we do. And we’re stuck on neighborhoods.  We bought this house because we wanted one with character and natural light, something that wasn’t the same as every other home on the block, a place that wasn’t made out of matchsticks and super glue.  And we still don’t want to let go of the dream of “charm,” as long as the next charmer comes with granite countertops and a two-car garage.  But we just don’t know where to look.  We initially thought we’d search for a place within the borough lines of our local town–being…