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And I Still Have Yet to Shower

Have you ever noticed how one week can be so completely different from the one before it?  I swear, this time last week I was all, I got this.  The house was tidy, I was in a routine, the days were clicking along like highly organized clockwork.  Life was a smooth ride, and I was the dog hanging its happy little head out the window in the breeze while “Free Bird” blasted from the car stereo. Oh, wait.  No, that was the week before that.  Last week was awful. Funny how it all ebbs and flows.  One day I’m practically skipping along first thing in the morning to some fun activity with the girls, while SK shouts “Hurray!  Hurray!” (she actually does this, and I want to remember it forever) and Quinn giggles at her big sister.  The next, I’m still in pajamas at 2 p.m. because Saoirse’s been throwing the baby’s toys in the refrigerator and Quinn keeps clinging to my ankles, wailing up at me until I pick her up, prop her on one hip and try to stir the sauce without singeing her toes…