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Just the Beginning

We can’t protect our kids from the world (or, in this case, being seven). You know this. I know this. I may want to be in denial about this, and yet. I got a call from the assistant principal of Saoirse’s school (the school that we love, so anything that follows is not a judgment or statement. This is just a story) a couple of weeks ago. As a mom, my heart raced until the principal said–immediately, bless her mama-principal heart–that there was no emergency. Then, as a former goody-goody who may have gone all 12 years of elementary and secondary schools without getting detention (I made up for it in college, don’t mind me), my heart kept racing, because: THE ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL WAS CALLING MY HOUSE. Former stick-to-the-rules goody-goodies don’t get calls from assistant principals. Not really our thing. It turns out that Saoirse and another girl, her good friend, were playing a game at recess, running quickly, and ran into another little boy hard enough that he fell into the bleachers of the gym and got a nasty cut. This…