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Death by Guacamole

Six years ago, David and I were looking to buy a house that would become our first home–the very one from which I write to you today. It was such a miserable process that frankly I’m not surprised we’re not a) living in separate residences, b) each 150 pounds overweight, or c) running around in circles outside in our pajamas, ala Anne Heche circa 2000. We wanted a house with character (i.e., not in a new subdivision), with charm (i.e., old), and something that in no way would make us house poor. We’d made a mistake with our first apartment after we got married–we moved into a larger loft in my building, and it was the stupidest (yes, I said stupidest, because it really was) financial mistake we made in those early years. But we learned from it (and by learned, I mean, we both worked second jobs for awhile and watched a lot of HGTV), and became determined to not buy a house above a comfortable mortgage payment. It took us a year to find this house, and not just because I wanted a pool (priorities are…