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Melodrama, Meet Your Match

We just had a little thing called SonofaGun Sandy blow through these parts. Or is that DaughterofaGun? Sandy was a girl, right?  Either way, that storm was nothing short of terrifying, and we’re far from the coast. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those–people we know, those we don’t, friends and family of our friends and family among them–still suffering as I write. I’m 31 weeks pregnant. Thirty-one. THIRTY-ONE. I give birth in exactly two months. That’s crazy, I know. I can’t wrap my head around it either. The baby was measuring in at a solid four pounds, 12 ounces at my ultrasound last week (if that sounds big it’s only because I made this cranberry-and-apple cake the morning before the storm hit [have to have provisions, after all], and may have eaten most of it by the time the last gust of wind blew across our front porch. Don’t look at me like that. That cake was pretty good).  I’ve been so, so tired lately. It could be the fact that I&#8217…