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Fa La La La–(yawn)–Where Was I?

David took the day off, and was taking advantage of this gorgeous trick-you-into-thinking-it’s-May air to hang Christmas lights along the roofline of our house.  Because nothing says “Oh Holy Night” like 67-degree temperatures and, well, November.  But last year he did the same task on a 34-degree day, braced on a ladder against stiff winds while I peered through the window with one hand covering my eyes and the other on the phone ready to speed-dial 911, so I think he’s a lot happier in shorts and a t-shirt.  Oh, and no wind.  No wind is good, both for his bone structure and our wallet.  Those emergency room co-pays add up, you know. And yes, he’s the one to do the outside decorations every year while I stay inside.  No, I’m not as ashamed as you might think.  It’s cold out there.  He’s ON A LADDER.  Are you kidding me? The children spent the morning nestled on the family room rug, reading books to each other and watching Cars  so that I could take advantage of…