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More Like a Meow These Days

Marriage made me a hypocrite.  Motherhood has made me such an even bigger one, I’ve turned into a hippo-crite (get it?!  Because hippos are huuuge?).  I’ve always been of the I-am-woman-hear-me-roar variety.  I used to be quite proud of myself when I could shovel six feet of snow off the roof of my car in the winter, or handle the creepy guy who always said something to me on the walk home from work (naiveté also works wonders sometimes, but still).  I liked that I was quite capable of hefting my own Christmas tree up six flights of stairs to my apartment, thankyouverymuch, or putting together all that IKEA furniture in record time.  I was independent, and on my own, and working very had to conquer my chunk of the world. And then I got married, and forgot how to take out the trash. As I type this, David is working outside in the heat (90 degrees, according to the computer on which I’m working while sitting, on  the couch, in the air conditioning).  He’s been busting his you-know-what (if you don’t…