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Corkscrew’s in That Drawer Over There

A few years ago, when Saoirse was a baby and David was travelling for work, I wrote something on Facebook to the effect of “Gosh, I have so much respect for the single parents out there, because this is HARD wah wah if-I-try-to-be-funny-you-won’t-judge-me WHINE.” I want to smack myself over the head and erase that post. Because, seriously? Seriously. Who the hell was I to say something like that? Here’s the deal: Some of you are full-time parents. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter if you chose this path or if it fell into your sweatpant-clad laps, you are with your children all. day. long. It is what it is. Some of you juggle paying jobs and parenting, either by choice because you love your career, or necessity, because hello, that gas bill ain’t paying itself, or a little of both. It is what it is. Some of you are widowed parents, divorced parents, single parents. You may struggle with an emotional burden along with the practical ones, and it is what it is. Some of…