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All Over the Place

Please excuse any typos you see here.  Quinn got to my laptop and managed to pry one of the letters off the keyboard, and I’m not sure yet if there’s been any other damage.  The good news is that I get to blame any editing errors on that–it’s my keyboard, honest!  It’s so screwy it spelled the word “weird” incorrectly!  Can you believe it?! I totally just spelled “weird” incorrectly when I typed that.  See? Took the girls to see some trains today at our local science and arts center.  There was a hearing going on in the city related to a certain child molestation scandal in college sports–you may have heard about it–so we were fully expecting a media-infested swarm, but alas, we avoided it.  Is it irony, that I was taking my innocent children to go see the wonder and merriment of a holiday display–the magic! the beauty!–when two blocks over there were grown-ups discussing things that other awful, awful grown-ups (allegedly, yeah, yeah) did to other young ones?  I don’t…