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They Will Remember This Fondly So Help Me

Fall is my season, and I was ROCKING it on Friday night. There was mulled cider in adorable teacups at the table (plain cider for the wee kiddos, brandy-fied for the grown-up types who’d just suffered through all that rainnnnn and needed the excuse for boozed-up warmth). We’d made popcorn the Pinterest (or Alton Brown) way, with some kernels zapped inside the microwave in a brown paper bag. I thought it was the novelty of it that made my popcorn-despising eldest child shove entire handfuls in her mouth, but nope: “I was HUNGRY,” she said. (I guess I didn’t mention that she’d just picked at the leftovers we’d had for dinner, but that sort of doesn’t fit into my autumn-is-awesome theme, other than no dishes on a fall day makes this mom a very happy one. See also, brandy cider) It was warm inside, and chilly and damp out. The spice candle was a-blazing, the pumpkins that adorn the tabletop pushed aside. The girls were eating their way through a surprise dessert while Cian stared at them in toothless…