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Our Saoirse Kate turns four today. Four. It’s been four years since our house filled with light, since it swelled up with pride, since the walls started echoing with the kind of laughter that bubbles up from the inside until it has to burst out, out through the windows and up through the sky because hey, world, she is here and she is perfect and she is ours. But she is not ours. It has become so clear over these past few years that we are only blessed enough to know her, to try to shape her as best we can, because even as we chase her around the house, and read books to her at night, and hug her when she comes running out of her classroom for us, and only us, she is not ours. She is growing, rising taller and taller, out of our grasp and through our fingers until up she goes, away. This sweet child has a soul of something absolutely pure. She listens. She remembers. She dances and draws and creates stories as she pushes her little trains around the floor. She asks for crab legs for dinner, and shrimp with Old…