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What We Wanted

We spiffied up the split-level and put it on the market last Tuesday.  We had five hectic days of showings, which went a little something like this: “Cian, get that air freshener OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!” “Quinn, get off the couch. That one, too. I said, get off the couch. Just…QUINN. Just sit on rug, right there in the middle. Now, don’t move.” “Girls, get your shoes on. Yes, just stand on the mat by the door while I finish mopping. Yes, you can sit, as long as you stay by the mat. Yes, your shoes have to stay on it, too. Yes, both of them. Because I said so.” “Cian’s just going to have to sleep in the car. Again. I know, I know, he’s cranky.” “Cian, get that vacuum cord OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!” “No, we can’t go to the library, because Luca is with us and we can’t leave him in the car. No, we can’t go to a restaurant, either. No, we can’t go to Starbucks. Because the…