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Mucking the Stalls

On a fun note, David dropped Saoirse off at school today super early. We were feeling fairly proud of ourselves–we’ve been cutting it too close lately, leaving too late, hitting traffic on the way to school, and it wasn’t fair to her or her sister. So, early, they left. And then Dave was halfway to work when he got a call telling him that there wasn’t any school for kindergarten today, so could he please come back and pick up his daughter? Doh. We have squeezed two years of house prep into a week. So much paint. So much throwing out of stuff. So much stuff in bags to donate. So much STUFF. A photographer was sent today to take pictures of the rooms, and I had to ask her not to take photos of the laundry room, because that’s where I’d shoved the leftover paint cans and random pictures and the basket of laundry I hadn’t had a chance to fold because the dear Cian got up at five-dear-Lord-why-forty-five this morning. (On another note? Nothing, absolutely nothing gives me anxiety…