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And Away We Go

Welcome to Milestone Alley, occupation: five. Where shall we begin? On Friday, I got word from my agent that after approximately two years, ten months, and one day (not that I was counting), I don’t have to revise my novel anymore. Just like that, it’s 

A Minute in the Life

It’s 4:51 p.m. My oldest daughter is screaming at her sister to clean up the playroom because I told them I was throwing out whatever hasn’t been put away.  That includes the cute little chairs for their table that have somehow ended up WWE-style across 

Because I Have Nothing Better to Do, Clearly

Are you following my Facebook page?

Yes? Then I’m sorry, friend, because I’m about to share this with you again.

We have thirty people coming to our house for Cian’s baptism on Sunday. Yay, I think, all these wonderful people coming to celebrate our son on such a special day! Isn’t that wonderful?! And then I take a hard look around and wonder exactly when was the last time I vacuumed the dust off the ceiling fans.

I was breastfeeding Cian in the back of the minivan yesterday morning (as you do) in between errands (to be exact, dropping Saoirse off at school, returning borrowed clothes to a friend’s house, Cian’s 4-month well check, a stop by the wine store, the bakery, then back to Saoirse’s school.  You know, the usual), and checked the news on my phone. I saw something about Kate Middleton readying the nursery in some palace or manor or what-have-you for her impending royal offspring, and didn’t think anything of it, mainly because Quinn was sprinkling pretzel Goldfish all over the floor of the car. But later that day, I sat hunched over the dining room table on a chair that always holds a faint odor of stale yogurt, attempting to make neat, arty letters for the wall of my own baby’s nursery (four months after he was named, but who’s counting?). And it hit me: you know what Princess Kate isn’t doing? THIS.

So I got the bright idea to start a blog on Tumblr, and not entirely because setting it up meant I got to put off the vacuuming just a little bit longer. It’s called What Princess Kate Isn’t Doing, and it’s exactly that:  the stuff we all do every day that, dagnabit, would never happen if we had an HRH in front of our names and a really big sapphire wedding ring on our hands. Not that I’d want a ring like that. I’d imagine she doesn’t wear it when she washes the dishes. IF she washes dishes.


Join me in my procrastination, will you?

And Down I Go

I shared this on Twitter yesterday, but sometimes 140 characters aren’t enough, so it’s still with me, and since often the only way to shake a thought or worry that’s bugging me is to write about it, here you go, dear reader: welcome to the 

On the Brink

We’re hunkering down into pre-baby mode, here, so this will probably be my last post before you are inundated with close-up shots of teeny-tiny fingers and toes (aaahhhh!) and my inevitable complaints about leaky boobs (aaahhh!). We are nervous (eek, the sleepless nights!), and excited, 

Family Life in One Act or Less

Setting:  In the car (always).

Characters:  Mother.  Saoirse.  Quinn.

Scene:  Quinn, after asking Mother the same question for four minutes straight, even though Mother, for the life of her, cannot comprehend what she wants, finally turns to her sister for help.

Quinn:  “Saoirse?  [unintelligible question]?”

Saoirse (sighs, rolls eyes to heavens):  “I don’t know, Quinn.  I don’t understand what you’re saying.  NO ONE understands what you’re saying.”

Quinn:  [silence]

End scene.

Selective Memory in the Making

The girls were standing at the front window, ogling our innocent neighbor as he mowed the swath of land that borders the road across from our houses.  He was hunched over the steering wheel, his jacket zipped tight, his white beard rustling a little in 

You Get the Idea

I don’t have my wits about me to write proper paragraphs today, so bullet points it is, my friends. You’ll find that I’m on a roll with the  things: We took our house off the market, at least until the contract with our agent is