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Because I Can Hear You

My brother just happened to mention the other day how absolutely annoying it is to open up Facebook and see a bunch of statuses written by people complaining about how hard it is to be a parent. Paul–he is my favorite brother, him–was, as Paul is wont to be when people complain about how hard it is to be parents, massively exasperated. “Of COURSE it’s hard!” he said, as calmly as his boiling rage would allow. “You have a kid. What did you EXPECT?!” He’s right, you know. We all do it. We read blogs written by people venting about hard it is to be a parent. We share supportive letters written to stay-at-home moms who in turn write supportive letters to working moms. We read articles directed to parents of multiples, of adopted children, of spirited children, of children who punched their kid in the face on his way out of the playground and is lucky that parent didn’t make him eat a knuckle sandwich, too. Every time we open up social media, turn to Huffington Post, get a forward from a friend…