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There’s Cole Slaw in My Bra

I texted my mom this morning, just after a very early trip to the grocery store: “I have cabbage in my bra,” I wrote. Two seconds later, my Irish mother responded: “Now all you need is the corned beef!” She’s a funny one, isn’t she, my mom? She’s also the same one who saw me recently and stopped in her tracks at the sight of my, um, well, chest.  “Oh, my, Leah,” she said, looking vaguely horrified. “You’re looking rather…buxom.” Buxom, indeed. Yeah, she about hit that hideously engorged, painful nail right smack on its miserable head. See, I’ve recently stumbled upon the horrible truth that sometimes weaning a baby from the boob juice is not an easy, simple process, as it was with SK. Nosirree. Sometimes–and whhhyyy did no one tell me this?!–you can end up afterward with biddies that are so inflated you could downright swear–nay, hope–that they’ll burst from all the pressure. It ain’t pretty. David was so horrified by the sight of them he…