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On Brittany Maynard

Late last Monday night, my mom and I were driving home from my cousin’s Catholic confirmation, which had been at a church about an hour away from where we live. I’d been her sponsor. David was home with the children, having tucked them into bed hours earlier. Mom and I were about five or so minutes away from my house when the headlights of a truck appeared in my lane. We’d been talking, and my eyes play tricks on me at night, so at first I wasn’t sure. But we were on a road that’s getting a lot of construction, so there are big boundary barrels and lane changes along the part we were traveling. It’s a confusing road to drive, even in the daylight, so I usually avoid it, but I figured that at 10:30 at night, traffic wouldn’t be quite as bad. I stopped talking, squinted at the lights ahead of me, and my heart dropped. I felt myself get very, eerily calm. Yup, was my first thought. The truck had missed the turn of the lane and was now traveling straight into…