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This One’s Gross

In my early 20s (what? I surprised you? You thought I was still 22?! Aw, shucks, you’re sweet. Now, go get some glasses) I once went on a couple of dates with a guy who kept throwing me the biggest of mixed signals.  One day, he’d be all,  “Hey, let me call you and we’ll talk for aaaaggges about how awesome Weezer is!  Oh my gosh, we’re, like, soulmates, duuuude!”, and then I wouldn’t hear from him for days.  I was tortured, I tell you, tortured, for all of the four weeks we tossed this ping pong ball of of ill-advised courtship back and forth.  I couldn’t tell you anything more about the guy other than yes, he really was a big Weezer fan (what do you mean you don’t remember them? If you went to college in the 90s, you remember three things: Weezer, Rusted Root–which played at  my school during, I think, sophomore year, and I was too busy listening to Jane’s Addiction, probably, and writing mopey poetry to deign to see them–and Carrot Top…