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Eat This: Chocolate-Covered Bananas

These bananas–or at least, the idea of them–is what began my foray into a life of cooking for others (and enjoying it, for the most part). Picture this: David and I as newlyweds, sitting around our overpriced loft in Baltimore, watching TV because we were young and not in school and had no kids nor money (see: overpriced loft. Also, teacher’s and beginning sales rep’s salaries. Also, student loans. Also, a bad habit of eating sushi too many times a week instead of saving said lack of money or moving to a smaller, better-priced apartment. Finally, also see: young and dumb). When I was single, a big night of cooking for me was, say, making boxed mac-‘n’-cheese with some microwaved spinach thrown in (I still love this. I know, you can never trust my cooking recommendations ever again), or quick tacos made with fake ground beef, eaten all by myself at the cute bar of the smaller, still overpriced Baltimore loft I rented before I married that tall handsome guy you see when you come over to visit. So when David came along, and with an appetite…