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Yes, Butterflies

I opened up the computer today to vent. Vent about child whining, and child fighting, and most of all, child defiance, especially that of the 4-year-old sort. It’s been a rough go of it the past few days, and I’m at wit’s end. As in, dealing with a defiant preschooler is more of a test than potty training, and we all know how much I DESPISE potty training. Deeeessspppiiiiiise. But preschooler defiance has trumped it all. And I was just able to get my brains together after the jumbling they’ve taken after all of that head-banging-against-the-wall, and I had taken to Internet Land to vent. Because I’m like a geyser in Yellowstone, baby. There’s only so much keeping-calm and thinking-through-discipline and worrying over rash punishments a girl can take before she’s gonna blow. So here I came. But. I started scrolling though the photos I’d taken on my phone this morning. It’s gorgeous here, spring-like and lovely with no humidity and mild temperatures, so I’d taken the girls to see…