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Really, for Kathy

So, we’re on our way tomorrow to the funeral of my mom’s cousin, whom I sort of, kind of, absolutely adored. I didn’t know her as well as I would’ve liked–it’s kind of hard to do so when you only see each other at weddings/funerals/birthday parties. The illness that lead to her death was sudden news to us, and all I kept saying, to my mom and to David was, “Kathy?! Our Kathy?” Because it just didn’t seem possible that somebody like her could cease to live. This isn’t meant to be a depressing post, so you can keep reading. Honest. I just had to tell you that what I loved most about Kathy–besides her laugh, of course, which seemed to come easily and sounded exactly like her mother’s–was how much she liked me. Isn’t that terribly narcissistic, to think about yourself like that when someone’s died? But that’s how I felt. It was always so clear to me that she really, truly liked me–she liked…