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It Was a Date, at Night

David and I went out the other night on what many of us crotchety, weather-beaten, tired, thirty-something-with-kids types like to call “date night.” I refuse to call it a date night, because no matter how I look in this avocado-smeared t-shirt, I’m cool, man. And even though David and I only go out with each other alone, at night, without children, maybe once every four months, the old-fart couple label is not us, man. We’ll never be like that. (Give me a sec. I gotta go run this diaper bag out to my minivan…) Flash back to a Friday night, 7:15 p.m., in the precious few moments after bedtime and before Cian figured out that we were still home and woke from his tentative slumber to holler for somebody to love him, already. I was in the bathroom, using the curling iron and mumbling about how no wonder I never do this anymore because it takes so much damn time. David was ironing his clothes in the bedroom next to me, and as we talked through the open door, I couldn’t help…